Placing an asset disposal order
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The ScalePad IT Asset Disposal makes it easy to dispose of assets that coordinate multiple aspects of the disposal process, such as adding assets, shipping, and ordering.

Whether you’ve identified end-of-life assets through Insights, or have planned to retire a workstation via an Initiative or Roadmap, disposing of an asset at the end of its lifecycle is simple with Lifecycle Manager. Here’s how:

A tree will be planted for every asset you put through our ITAD service, and once the device has been received and the process is complete, you’ll receive a Certificate of Disposal verifying data destruction.

How to submit a disposal order

This section walks you through adding workstations for disposal from start to finish. From adding workstations through to order completion, read on to make sure you have all the information you need.


The following is required for using the IT Asset Disposal:

  • You must be a US-based (including Alaska and Hawaii) Pro user in the Lifecycle Manager platform

  • All workstations must have BIOS unlocked

  • Serial numbers and associated client of every workstation to be disposed of

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account or Place Orders & Manage Billing permissions in order to place disposal orders

Navigate to your Disposal page

Click the Disposal button in your left-hand navigation bar

1. Add assets to be disposed

In this walkthrough, we'll be adding assets directly from Lifecycle Manager and manually adding assets not included in Lifecycle Manager.

1.1 Selecting eligible assets from Lifecycle Manager

Any assets that are designated to be disposed of and are still in use (i.e., included in a relevant RMM, PSA, or Documentation tool and integrated with Lifecycle Manager) can be searched for and identified.

  1. In the Add assets section, enter the asset name or the serial number. Partial search is supported so that relevant matches are displayed.

  2. Select the asset to be added to the disposal order.

  3. Click the Add selected button or add additional assets.

1.2 Manually adding assets

Any assets that are designated to be disposed of and are not available in Lifecycle Manager (i.e., included in relevant RMM, PSA, or Documentation tool and integrated with Lifecycle Manager) can be manually added to a disposal order.

Note that asset disposal currently supports disposal for workstations for US-based Pro users only.

  1. In the Add assets section, manually enter the serial number.

  2. When a matching asset doesn’t appear in the search, click the Enter info manually option underneath the entered serial number.

    This displays the Add an asset to dispose of screen.

  3. Enter the following required asset information:

    1. Client - Select the client that the asset was previously managed for

    2. Serial - Verify that the serial number of the asset is entered correctly

    3. Manufacturer - Enter the manufacture of the asset. I.e., Dell

    4. Model - Enter the model type of the asset. I.e., XPS 13

  4. Once the asset information is completed, click the Add button.

  5. Click the Add selected button to add to the disposal order

Note that the price per unit is lower when multiple assets are added to an order. Free shipping is included on disposal orders with 4 or more assets.

Click Continue to Shipping to proceed to the next step

2. Shipping

Confirming a shipping address and packaging details helps ensure prompt and accurate pickup for your order

The default address used is the billing address of the Lifecycle Manager account.

From the Shipping section of the Disposal order, confirm the Pickup & return address of where the assets are being shipped from.

  1. If a different pickup location is required, click the Use a different address button and enter the address information below and click Done.

  2. Confirm the number of packages required to ship assets scheduled for disposal.

    1. Packages must weigh less than 70 lbs/30 kgs in order for USPS to pick it up.

  3. Certification - Prior to packaging all assets, ensure that you verify shipping details along with certifying that all assets are located in the United States of America and have BIOS unlocked

    1. Select the All assets are located in the United States of America and have BIOS unlocked checkbox

    2. Select All the information entered above is accurate checkbox

Click to Continue to Billing

3. Place Order

Before a disposal order is placed, the Billing section enables you to confirm the complete order, or make any adjustments including address updates, payment details, and number of assets in order.

Order summary

The order summary identifies shipping cost, and the number of assets in order.

Payment details

The payment section identifies the payment details that will be used to place a disposal order.

If a different credit card is required, click the Use a different card button and enter the new card information below and click Done.

3.1 Modifying order details

If your order summary does not match your physical order requirements. i.e., the number of packages or assets to be disposed of, you can select any of the steps in the order process wizard, make necessary adjustments and the Billing page adjusts automatically.

Click Place order now

4. Arrange for package shipment

After your order has been placed, you can:

  • Arrange to drop your package(s) off at the nearest USPS location


  • Schedule a pickup with USPS

Order Drop-off

Click the Print shipping label button to add to your package.

Schedule a pickup

Do you have packages ready to ship? Our integrated service enables you to request a pickup without leaving the order process.

Click the Schedule a pickup button to add to your package. Enter your name, email address, relevant information, and pickup date, and click Request pickup.

Once a disposal order is received and processed, we’ll send you a certificate confirming disposal and data destruction.

Disposal order details

You can display all your disposal orders.

Click the Disposal menu.

Click the Orders tab

We display all disposal orders and their statuses. Assets are disposed of shortly after arriving at the disposal facility. The estimated timeframe for receiving an ITAD certificate is 5-7 days as it mostly depends on how long shipping takes to arrive at the disposal facility.

Disposal order status

  1. Label created

  2. In transit

  3. Arrived at facility

  4. Disposal complete

Once the disposal is complete, the status changes to Disposal complete and a Certificate of Disposal will be available in-app and emailed to the member that placed the order.

Once you find an order that you need more detail for, you can use the Order Id link.

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