Navigate to Integrations, and select ConnectWise Automate REST.

Three settings can be adjusted for your ConnectWise Automate REST integration:

  1. Only sync assets checked-in - synchronize hardware assets within a specified period of time after they were last checked into ConnectWise Automate.

Only sync assets checked-in

This setting will make Lifecycle Manager only sync in hardware assets that have last checked into ConnectWise Automate, within certain time frames.

  1. Select an option from the drop-down menu

    1. Within past 30 days

    2. Within past 60 days

    3. Within past 90 days

    4. All assets (no check-in limit)

  2. Click SaveConnectWise Automate REST Setup.

Enable Two-Way Sync Fields (Optional)

Please note that if the associated custom Purchase Date field is not created in ConnectWise automate, enabling the associated option will not update the Purchase Date field by writing back to ConnectWise Automate.

  1. In Enable Two-Way Sync Fields section, select the Purchase Date to enable Two-Way Sync for this field.

  2. Select the Warranty Expiration Date to enable Two-Way Sync for this field.

  3. Click SaveConnectWise Automate REST Setup.

Sync assets without serial numbers

While we're unable to perform warranty look-ups on hardware assets without serial numbers, there is value to adding these assets to your Lifecycle Manager account.

Although we don't perform warranty lookups directly on assets without serial numbers, you're able to manually enter end dates for them and we do report on their OS status too.

We always recommend having all assets synced to your account to ensure you have a complete picture of your assets under management. This ensures that every team member has the full insights needed to effectively consult and service each client.

Additional value

  • reporting on all of your managed assets

  • possible software insights information (depending on integration)

  • surfacing of critical issues and alerts

  1. Select the Include hardware assets without serial numbers box

  2. Click Save ConnectWise Automate REST Setup.


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