By signing in with Microsoft, you do not have to sign in to Lifecycle Manager using a separate account.

Managing users through an identity provider prevents users from losing or forgetting Lifecycle Manager login information.

By adding additional sign-in services to our login workflow, we will enable partners to implement better password management and security practices as part of Lifecycle Manager’s commitment to security and transparency.

On the sign-in page, there is an option to sign in with Microsoft to the Lifecycle Manager platform.

Signing in using a Microsoft account

To sign in with Microsoft into Lifecycle Manager, you must already have service with an identity provider (IdP).

Accounts should be created first with the Identify Provider and then authenticated via the Identity Provider prior to logging in to Lifecycle Manager.

To ensure sign-in functionality, use the same email address in your Lifecycle Manager account as you have with your Identity Provider.

You'll need to have account administrator permissions to invite new members to get the sign-on service setup for your account.

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Members tab.

  2. Click the Invite a member button.

  3. Enter the required email address for each member to be added.
    Multiple members can be invited by separating emails with commas.

  4. Select member Permissions level. Note that any selected permission settings will apply to all member emails indicated in the member invite.
    See the Member permissions article for more detail on each permission level.

  5. Click the Invite members button.

  6. The invited member must click the confirmation link from within their invite email to accept the invitation and sign in to Lifecycle Manager.

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