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Insight essentials - turning risk into action
Insight essentials - turning risk into action
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Insights are critical as they provide increased visibility into assets misaligned with your standards.

  • Dashboards that surface critical issues and alerts

  • Dedicated Insights panes for each issue so you can focus on the next step

  • Global MSP view and individual client view for each Insight

Within each insight category, there are steps to take when critical issues and alerts are surfaced. But, depending on the insight, what are your next steps and why?

Hidden assets, Insights, and DMI

Insights and DMI should reflect a realistic assessment of your client's environment, so hidden assets will count towards any applicable insights and your DMI score.

Hardware modernization insights

Modernizing your hardware is important for many reasons, and it should be a regular part of your hardware replacement schedule.

Why am I seeing this information?

  • This hardware exists and is in use in your clients’ environment

    • Assets are being used to "maximize investment"

    • There may have been recent activations of older assets

    • Professional Services Automation or documentation tool may have undergone a configuration change

Why is this information important?

  • The likelihood of older hardware breaking down leads to unnecessary disruption

  • Older assets freeze up and slow down affecting productivity

  • Supporting older assets becomes more difficult

  • Assets too old for new updates increase security risks

    • New software and applications often don’t work on old assets

Why should I action this?

  • Reduce the risk of hardware damage, major data loss, & downtime for businesses

  • Strengthen security to reduce the risks of data breaches

  • Get your clients on modern technology so they have a better IT experience

  • Providing increased, affordable storage that can support modern software application performance and storage requirements

  • Improved ability to update, support, and access cloud applications from anywhere and anytime over the Internet automatically

Software modernization insights

In an age when users are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and informed, businesses need to provide seamless and technology-driven customer experiences to remain competitive. Organizations can better meet consumers' demands while also achieving business growth with scalability.

Why am I seeing this information?

  • This software exists and is in use in your clients’ environment

    • It hasn’t been updated

    • It hasn’t been uninstalled

  • This software doesn’t exist in your clients’ environment

    • It hasn’t been installed

Why is this information important?

  • Legacy software maintenance can be complicated and expensive

  • Application wasn’t installed but is highly important

  • Old versions or deprecated software pose security risks

  • Risk of data loss caused by software update failures

Why should I action this?

  • Non-up-to-date software provides a sub-optimal user experience

  • Ensure clients are operating in a secure environment

  • Boost performance by utilizing modern technology

  • Need to confirm & verify Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) for clients’ users

Warranty coverage insights

Businesses should constantly evaluate how to reduce risk. Buying warranties for computer equipment is one way. Doing regular business backups is another.

Why am I seeing this information?

  • Devices don’t have warranties

  • Device warranties will soon expire

Why is this information important?

  • Companies will lose far more money & productivity than they would have paid for the warranty if a server goes down and employees are unable to work

  • Parts aren't always readily available for a fix

    • In the case of older equipment, the part may not even be available on the open market. Equipment over five years old is usually no longer supported.

  • The cost of a surprise asset replacement replaced mid-way through its expected life is prohibitive

Why should I action this?

  • Protection of capital expenses built into business budgets (guaranteed costs)

  • When you have warranty coverage, you get a quicker response instead of prolonged downtime

  • Remove the need to fulfill service requests, somebody else does it for you!

Backup monitoring insights

Why is this information important?

  • Identify why each asset doesn’t have a configured backup in Backup Radar

    • Create a list of assets that your team needs to review

  • Possible reasons the backup isn’t configured

    • When bringing on a new client or adding a new server/workstation in an environment, it wasn’t configured in Backup Radar.

    • A backup agent wasn’t installed on an asset - maybe it was missed when a VM was deployed – so, therefore, wasn’t configured in Backup Radar

What should I do with this information?

  • Make sure it’s not a configuration mistake

    • Check Backup Radar to see if the asset hasn’t been configured yet

    • Confirm the backup applications are sending results to Backup Radar

  • Identify coverage gaps in backups & close the gaps

    • Configure Backup Radar to monitor the asset

    • Configure the appropriate backup application to send results (or to do backups if it’s not running)

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