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Personalized Insight policies and operators
Personalized Insight policies and operators
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Insight Policies

Insights have been enhanced to offer even greater insight into your client environment with expanded policies for hardware and software to provide more freedom to apply standards to managed assets to identify misalignments.

Following is the list of Policies that can be created:

  • Age

  • Configured backups (BackupRadar subscription required)

  • Manufacturer

  • Memory (RAM) specifications

  • Operating system status

  • Processor manufacturer

  • Software

  • Total storage specifications

  • Warranty

Here are a few examples of what Personalized Insights can now do:

  • Identify Windows 11 upgrade-eligible workstations that meet the recommended storage and memory requirements

  • Consider upgrading or replacing devices that do not meet the recommended Windows 11 requirements in order to generate revenue

  • Encourage the replacement of devices that don't meet the standards of the client's environment

  • Single-out devices with known critical vulnerabilities from a specific manufacturer

  • Identify devices that don’t have a specific antivirus installed or are running deprecated software that poses a security risk

  • Compile a list of old workstations with poor storage and memory, prioritize their replacement over devices with better specifications, and remove the most risk-ridden assets from the client environment

Custom operators can only use one type of policy

You can only use one type of policy with one of each operator (can't have the same policy with the same operator).

Policy Operators

Running an MSP includes surfacing asset risk and communicating with clients that may or may not be motivated to take action. Using a policy's directionality (operator), you can identify which machines are performing well or poorly based on any number-based policy.

So, instead of solely focusing on the negative, new Insight policy operators let you get more specific with the data you pull from ScalePad Lifecycle Manager, including identifying assets that already meet the standards of the client environment or meet some of the recommended Windows 11 requirements.

Depending on which policy you choose, available operators may vary.

Following is the list of all operators (with associated Policy) at your disposal:

  • Age: is over/is under

  • Configured backups: is found/is not found

  • Manufacturer: is/is not (specified manufacturer from dropdown)

  • Memory: is over/is under

  • Operating system: is supported/is unsupported

  • Processor manufacturer: is/is not (specified manufacturer from dropdown

  • Software: includes/does not include (specified software from dropdown)

  • Total Storage: is under/is over

  • Warranty: is expired/is not expired

What can you do with Personalized Insights Policies and Operators?

We have outlined a few examples of how you can use Lifecycle Manager's new Personalized Insights Policies with Insights Policy Operators:

Use Case

Personalized Insight Configuration

Insight Result

Verify servers have a configured backup policy - (*Backup Radar Integration required)

- Server

- Configured backups

- Is/Not found

Show servers without a configured backup policy.

Surface all workstations with low memory

- Workstation

- Memory

- Is under 8 GB

Show workstations with under 8GB of memory (RAM) installed.

Find devices with known critical vulnerabilities
(Policy 1 & 2)

- Workstation

- Manufacturer (Dell)

- Software/Windows 8.1

Show workstations with known vulnerabilities ready to be patched.

Ensure endpoint protection is installed

- Server

- Software

- Does not Include

- Huntress Agent

Find servers without Huntress Agent installed.

Identify all workstations eligible for Windows 11 upgrade
(Policy 1 & 2)

- Workstation

- Software includes Windows 10

- Memory (Is over) 8 GB

- Total storage (Is over) 128 GB

Show workstations that meet Windows 11 recommended requirements.

List all aging servers without warranty coverage

- Servers

- Age (Is over) 7 yrs

- Warranty (Is) expired

Surface aging servers without warranty coverage.

Identify workstations negatively affecting performance and experience

- Workstations

- Age (Is over) 5 yrs

- Memory (Is under) 4 GB

Drive environment standardization and replace aging assets.

The following examples of personalized insights (from the Personalized Insight Configuration column in the previous table) show insights with additional policies added.

The policy details of each insight can be viewed when you click the Insight tile.

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