While the optional Hide hardware asset option, when manually editing an asset, hides assets from showing up in reports and your current hardware list, this article outlines the following steps to identify and view your hidden hardware assets after manually editing them to be hidden.

Hidden assets, Insights, and DMI

Insights and DMI should reflect a realistic assessment of your client's environment, so hidden assets count towards any applicable insights and your DMI score.

The Hardware console is where you'll find the details of all your managed hardware assets. Navigate here by clicking Hardware in your left-hand navigation bar or click Clients in your left-hand navigation bar.

In the following example, we are looking at the hidden hardware assets of one specific client, but this process works for all hidden assets when using the Hardware console.

How to identify the number of hidden hardware assets

The number of hidden hardware assets is identified in the lower-left corner of the hardware asset list view.

How to view the hidden hardware assets

Click the identified assets hyperlink to display hidden assets only in the Hardware console. The Hidden search filter is applied to narrow down what you're looking at.

The Hidden search filter can only be applied to the asset list view when clicking the number of hidden assets on the lower-left corner of the hardware asset list view. You can toggle between Visible assets and Hidden assets.

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