Both the Strategy and Client dashboards surface relevant information, such as the number of assets affected, and the policy are displayed prominently in each insight notification pane to reduce the amount of information to filter through. This is important information about all your clients you would otherwise have to search for.

While the Dashboard divides this vital information into several categories, each category's insights now surface additional critical information that affects both the insight and non-compliant assets to an insights rule within 90-days. This ability enables you to plan and budget for those assets before they reach compliance with an insights rule. Forecasting enables you to take taking a proactive approach to assessing your client’s infrastructure environment.

Forecasting of impending non-compliant assets

As the following image illustrates, forecasted assets are displayed at the bottom of each Insight tile for quick reference. Forecasted assets are located on the bottom right of the Insight tile. See Viewing forecasted assets within Insights for additional information on how forecasted assets work.

The forecasted asset number is only the assets that are non-compliant to the insight rule within a 90-day timeframe.

Not all assets can be forecast

For any assets that cannot be forecast (e.g., Microsoft Office that is not cloud-based or Assets without endpoint protection), a blank line is displayed.

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