This article provides a brief introduction to warranty lookups. This includes supported hardware asset types, minimum data requirements for warranty lookups, and how often our warranty dates refresh.

Currently supported hardware asset types

Here's a summary of the hardware assets that we currently support for warranty and/or OS status lookups.

  • Servers

  • Workstations

    • Desktops

    • Laptops

  • Network devices

  • Virtual machines (OS status reporting only)

  • Printing and imaging devices

  • Mobile devices

    • Smartphones

    • Tablets

Minimum data requirements for warranty lookups

For each hardware asset that syncs into ScalePad Lifecycle Manager, we require two specific fields for warranty lookups:

  • Manufacturer

  • Serial Number

In some cases, the exact Model number is required as well.

How often warranty dates refresh

Lifecycle Manager performs regular warranty data refreshes through an algorithm every few days. However, in rare cases, it can take up to 30 days to refresh after the warranty is purchased.

Refresh algorithm
Our platform automatically refreshes the assets in your account giving more priority to the devices that are more likely to be renewed.

Matching device data

We use a combination of serial numbers and MAC addresses as unique identifiers to match hardware asset data.

Duplicate hardware asset entries

If duplicate hardware asset entries are detected, they're matched into one Lifecycle Manager hardware asset, not affecting your total asset count.

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