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Syncro integration instructions
Syncro integration instructions

Lifecycle Manager syncs your hardware assets from Syncro via API

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This article provides instructions on how to integrate Syncro to Lifecycle Manager.


The following is required to add a Syncro integration to Lifecycle Manager

  • You must have Master User credentials for your Syncro account

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected

Full-time agent to generate API Key
For the integration to sync properly, please ensure the user that you use to generate the API Key is a full-time agent.

To successfully integrate Syncro with Lifecycle Manager, please follow these steps in each article section:

Integration steps in Syncro

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

The Lifecycle Manager API token is a prebuilt app integration token for your convenience so there are no custom permissions required.

Integration steps in Syncro

Create API Key/Token

  1. Sign in to Syncro as the Master User.

  2. Within the Syncro account menu (top-right of the page), navigate to Profile name > Profile/Password.

  3. From the Password / ApiKey / Login-Pin section, click the API Tokens hyperlink

  4. Click the + New Token button.

  5. From the New Token screen, click the Create Token button to create a prebuilt app integration token.

  6. The permissions required for the API Key are pre-selected.

    1. Assets - View - View Details

    2. Assets - List/Search

  7. From the Confirm Permissions screen, click the Create API Token to generate an API Key. You can change the name of the API token to something that is more relevant to you.

  8. Take note of the API Key value, as this value is required when adding the integration to Lifecycle Manager.

    1. Note: Keep the API Key in a secure location, as full API Tokens are not stored in plain text and are not recoverable once navigating away.

  9. Click Done.

In case you forget your API credentials, return to the API Tokens screen (Navigate to Profile name > Profile/Password, and from the Password / ApiKey / Login-Pin section, click the API Tokens hyperlink), click the Edit button, and then click Update API Token. Any previously generated API keys will be invalidated. Similarly, deleting any API Keys revokes access altogether.

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

Add Syncro API credentials into Lifecycle Manager

  1. From Lifecycle Manager, navigate to Integrations and click the Add integration button.

  2. The Add integration page will open. Select SyncroMSP.

  3. Enter the API Key and your Hostname into the add integration page

    1. Your hostname should look something like

  4. Click Save Syncro Setup.

When you click Save Syncro Setup, Lifecycle Manager performs a full sync. When finished, you should be able to view your hardware assets in your account.

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