This article provides instructions on how to integrate Continuum Command to Lifecycle Manager.

Administrator user credentials for Continuum Command and Lifecycle Manager or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected are required to add an integration to Lifecycle Manager.

Integration steps in Continuum Command

  1. Sign in to Continuum Command's ITSupport Portal

  2. Head to Admin > Integration > Reporting API

  3. Click Create API Key

Existing API Token
If you've previously generated an API key for an app other than Lifecycle Manager, you should not re-use the existing token, as it's likely already in use by some other system.

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

  1. Enter your API Token on the add integration page

  2. Click Save Continuum Command Setup.

Missing username data

Syncing of user data is not currently possible via Continuum's API. Missing username data is a known limitation with Continuum’s API.

When you click Save Continuum Command Setup, Lifecycle Manager performs a full sync. When finished, you should be able to view your hardware assets in your account.

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