Multiple records for hardware with the same serial number (e.g., ABC1234) or MAC address are syncing from the same integration (e.g., Datto RMM). This is what ScalePad labels as a “duplicate asset.”

In the case of these duplicate assets, ScalePad uses the most recent record to ensure we are using the latest data.

Note: Duplicate assets are only counted once towards your total device count.

Eliminate duplicate records

To eliminate duplicate records, follow the outlined steps.

  1. On the Issues page, click the Download Duplicate Hardware Assets Spreadsheet button in the Duplicate assets section.

  2. Locate and open the spreadsheet.

  3. Review the spreadsheet and identify the redundant record(s) from each Dupe Group.

  4. In the Source column, click the embedded link to go directly to the record in the integration where the duplicate resides.

  5. Remove the duplicates or mark them as inactive, and move to the next device in the spreadsheet.

  6. Repeat this process for every Dupe Group in the spreadsheet to ensure that there is only one asset per connected integration.

  7. Once every duplicate record has been managed in the relevant integration, navigate to your ScalePad Dashboard and click Sync now.

Once you’ve followed the outlined steps and after clicking Sync now, your duplicate asset data should be removed from the sync into ScalePad.

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