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Two-Way Sync conflicts
Two-Way Sync conflicts
How to resolve Two-Way Sync conflicts
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Our system is encountering a Two-Way Sync conflict on some assets. The warranty dates for these assets are being overwritten daily, likely by your RMM tool or a third party.

In some cases, RMM tools can push incorrect dates into PSA tools, or even into documentation tools. Not to worry, because ScalePad Lifecycle Manager can detect this, even when indirectly connected to the systems involved.

Example scenario to better understand what's happening

  1. An expiry date of 2021-03-17 is written from Lifecycle Manager to a device in ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA. The date is accurate.

  2. A few days later, your RMM Tool writes an inaccurate expiry date of 2021-04-01 to the device in ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA. The date is now inaccurate.

  3. Repeat Step #1, and the Two-Way Sync conflict rages on

If the Two-Way Sync conflict involves IT Glue

If the Two-Way Sync conflict involves IT Glue, it's usually because your RMM tool is sending incorrect dates to your PSA, which then sends these dates to IT Glue.

Direct RMM to IT Glue syncs don't cause Two-Way Sync conflicts
In order for a Two-Way Sync conflict to occur, there must be a direct sync between your RMM and PSA tools. Therefore, a direct RMM to IT Glue sync wouldn't cause a Two-Way Sync conflict.


Depending on the RMM you're using select from the options below:

Connectwise Automate users


ConnectWise Automate is set up to populate devices into ConnectWise Manage

Resolving the Two-Way Sync conflict

Note: The resolution for Autotask PSA should be similar.

  1. Sign in to CW Automate as an admin user.

  2. Head to System > Manage Integration

  3. In the CW Manage Plugin window that appears:

    1. Click Field Mapping

    2. Click the Device API Field Mapping tab

    3. Sort by CW Manage Field, ascending

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the field list

    5. Ensure all 3 fields named WarrantyExpiration are set to --Ignore--

    6. Ensure all 3 fields named PurchaseDate are set to --Ignore--

N-able N-central users


Set up N-able N-central to populate devices into ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA:

Resolving the Two-Way Sync conflict

Disable warranty dates syncing from N-able N-central into CW Manage / Autotask PSA.

  • To do this, open a ticket directly with N-able N-central support with the following message:

Re: Disable Warranty Sync from N-able N-central to [ConnectWise / Autotask] PSA

Hi N-able N-central Support,

I would like to disable the syncing of warranty information from N-able N-central into my [ConnectWise or Autotask] PSA. I can't find a setting to disable only the warranty information syncing. Can you please do this for us?

N-able-N-central will likely reply with an OK, meaning your Two-Way Sync conflict should be resolved.

Continuum users


Set up Continuum to populate devices into ConnectWise Manage.

Note: The resolution for Autotask PSA should be similar.

Resolving the conflict

  1. Sign in to Continuum as an Administrator

  2. In Continuum, click Admin

  3. Expand Integrations and click PSA Integration

  4. Ensure "ConnectWise" is selected, then click Integration Settings

  5. Scroll to find Configuration Items

  6. Expand Managed Servers and Managed Workstations

  7. Uncheck WarrantyExpirationDate and ShipDate

  8. Click Next until the end, then click Save

Initiate a sync in Lifecycle Manager

When you've completed the above steps to resolve your Two-Way Sync conflicts, you can re-sync your data into our app by navigating to your Lifecycle Manager Dashboard and clicking Sync now.

After following the above instructions per your RMM tool, your Two-Way Sync conflicts should be successfully resolved.

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