Our system requested to update warranty lookup data for some assets in your integration, but our request was rejected.

In rare cases, direct syncs from your RMM > IT Glue can cause Two-Way Syncs to fail. When ScalePad tries to sync warranty dates to IT Glue, they’re immediately overwritten by your RMM dates.

The dates should still populate in IT Glue, but instead of Two-Way Sync, it'll be ScalePad > RMM > IT Glue.

We are aware of this, but there's no resolution on our end yet. For now, it may be best to archive it.

How to resolve incomplete Two-Way Syncs

  1. Sign in to your affected integration(s), review your sync settings to verify which configuration types and statuses should sync into ScalePad.

  2. Navigate back to your ScalePad Dashboard and click Sync now

  3. Sometimes, clicking Sync Now may resolve the issue.

  4. If the Two-Way Sync issue persists, we recommend opening a support ticket by contacting success@scalepad.com

Our Partner Success Team provides support between 8 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday to Friday.

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