Now that you've learned how to set up Scheduled Reports, we'll focus on making sure your email template has a personal feel to it.

Our platform enables partners to edit Scheduled Reports email templates at the account and client level.

This article outlines steps needed to edit the Scheduled Reports email template at the account level. When modifying these Scheduled Report email template settings, it is important to note these settings are global, meaning they apply to all clients.

Permissions required to edit the template
Administrator or Manage Basic Settings permissions are required to edit the Scheduled Reports email template.

How to edit account level Scheduled Reports email templates

  1. Navigate here by clicking Settings in your left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Click the Scheduled Reports tab

Editable fields

You personalize your Scheduled Reports email template by editing the following fields.

  • Reply-To - All replies will be sent to this address. Options will vary according to the members in your account.

    • If desired, you can change the reply-to address for all of your clients at once on the Scheduled Reports tab of your Settings page.

  • Subject - The subject line of the email.

  • Body - Contains the email body text.

Template variables

Make use of the template variables when customizing your email template. They can be used in the Subject and Body fields.

Saved settings apply to all your customers
When you click Save Settings, the Scheduled Report email template settings are global, meaning they apply to all clients. You can modify these account-level settings at any time by heading to Settings > Scheduled Reports.

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