You have the ability to connect members with important data for each of your managed clients or specific asset searches.

This article describes how you can share specific data, filtered views, or other valuable data points through the Share search button to message other members with the same asset page details.

How to share a filtered asset view:

  1. Within a client, set the filtered view you want to share

  2. Click the Share search button to display the Share screen

  3. Add one or more entries to the Recipients' list

  4. Add a relevant message in the Add a message box

  5. Click Share

Once the Share button is clicked, the filtered asset view is sent to the intended recipients via email. Depending on the recipients' settings, intended recipients may also receive an in-app notification informing them of the shared filtered asset view. Upon receiving the shared data message, the recipient(s) will be directed to the same place and context within the ScalePad Lifecycle Manager platform.

The Share screen provides an easy way to share a configured console point of reference without having to leave the application to access an email client.

Sharing with non-members of Lifecycle Manager
Only members with account administrator permissions can invite members into Lifecycle Manager from the Share dialog.

  • Link - The link automatically includes the point of reference page details for all intended recipients of the shared filtered asset view.

  • Recipients - As you begin to type a name in the Add recipients box, the autocomplete suggests matching names and email addresses in a drop-down section. The list is refined with each character you type. Only member accounts associated with your account are visible in the drop-down section when adding recipients.

  • Comment - Add any details regarding the share that you want to convey to determine any actions or next steps.

Share asset search accessibility
The Share asset search is accessible from the Hardware console, the Software console, and from within individual clients.

Removing entries from recipients' list

You can remove one or more entries from the recipients' list. Click the X to the right of the person's entry to delete the person's name and email address from the recipient's list.

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