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Getting started with the Hardware Lifecycle Report
Getting started with the Hardware Lifecycle Report

This report is used to manage ALM Policies with clients

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Our Hardware Lifecycle Report helps you see a clear summary of hardware assets within a client. You can quickly and accurately check on how many hardware assets are covered under warranty, due soon, or are in need of renewal.

Access the Hardware Lifecycle Report for a client

  1. Navigate to your Clients page

  2. Click into a client

  3. Click the Hardware tab

  4. Click the Hardware Lifecycle Report button on the right-hand side of the page

Let's dive into the report details

Hardware Lifecycle Reports have a variety of use cases. Update your clients with a quick phone call, or show them the facts in person for an at-a-glance status update of their assets.

We'll go page-by-page, pointing out the important parts so you get to know your way around without being overwhelmed

Cover page

This is an overall summary for your client. The thick, outer circle represents hardware asset status by category. The thinner, inside circle shows OS support status.

Hardware list page

The device list page acts as a view similar to the Hardware page, but specifically for this client.

Evergreen / replacement budget page

This page is a sample replacement budget, based on the current status of your supported hardware assets.

It can help get your hardware assets back in line with your ALM replacement refresh policy.

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