Important updates can be automated from your ScalePad Lifecycle Manager account, such as email invoice notifications. This article describes the process of setting and managing your email and browser notifications.

Data security
For security reasons, notification settings are unique to each member, and can only be managed at the member level.

Manage your notifications

Navigate to Settings > My Notifications. This is where you can select to receive each notification type in-browser, by email, or both.

If the Invoicing notifications options are missing

You likely don't have the Place Orders & Manage Billing permission. Get one of your account administrators to update your member permissions.

The notifications that can be enabled are:

  • Clients Summary Report

  • Invoicing

  • Disabled Integration

  • Warranty coverage coupons

  • ScalePad warranties expiring soon

  • Offer Created

  • Share

Change where invoice notification emails are sent

To change the address where notifications are sent, you'll need a member account with the appropriate permissions for the new email. See the How do I add, remove, or delete team members? and How to manage your team’s permissions articles for assistance.

Once the member is set up:

  1. Sign in to the member account

  2. Navigate to Settings > My Notifications

  3. Enable invoice notifications

Once you've updated your notification settings, they should save automatically.

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