To view account-level insights

  1. Navigate to the Strategy Dashboard by clicking the Strategy button in your left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Click into a predefined insight pane on the Strategy Dashboard

The information presented in the table for a Strategic insight is:

  • Client - The client name to which the subsequent metrics belong.

  • Name & Serial - The asset name and associated serial number.

  • User - The last logged in user on that asset

  • The manufacturer - The asset brand

  • Model - The asset type

  • Age - The age of the asset (based on purchase date)

  • Warranty Expiry - Warranty expiration date

Filtering assets by clients

As these insights provide quick access to specific, vital information about affected assets, there is no additional searching or filtering available. You have an option to narrow down the insight you're looking at by using the drop-down menu.

Filtering forecasted assets

An Action required filter enables you to see a list of assets that will be compliant in the next 90 days.

  • Now - viewing assets that are compliant with an insight's rule.

  • Soon - viewing assets that are non-compliant with an insight's rule (within 90-days of compliance).

Forecasted assets are only available for time-based insights.

Manually edit individual hardware asset data

In some cases, you may want to make a manual edit on a hardware asset for reporting purposes. With our in-app edit, you can do this.

  1. Select the hardware asset that you'd like to edit

  2. Click the Edit Info button

Once you’ve identified issues in your client’s infrastructure, you can convert automated client insights into client-ready recommendations which your clients can approve with one click.

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