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What are Insights?
What are Insights?
Integrated insights for managed clients
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Insights are automated, rules-based data analyses highlighting critical issues, eliminating the need to search through data. Insights help you keep track of what's going on with clients and determine what actions to take.

An asset is either compliant with an insight's rule or is not.

The following functional components of Insights are critical to the success of an MSP:

  • Dashboards that surface critical issues and alerts

  • Ensure that IT issues affecting their business operations are addressed in a timely manner and that uptime is maintained

  • Dedicated Insights panes for each issue so you can focus on the next step

  • Global MSP view and individual client view for each Insight

Insight categories

Insights categorize this vital information into several categories.

  • High-risk insights

    • High-risk assets are server and security issues that could create significant downtime if not addressed.

  • Hardware modernization insights

    • Identifies both server and workstation assets over a certain age.

  • Software modernization insights

    • Identifies workstation and VM assets with unsupported Operating Systems and non-Office 365 installations

  • Warranty coverage insights

    • These are workstations and servers that have ScalePad Warranty Services coverage and/or OEM warranties that have expired or are about to expire.

  • Backup monitoring

    • Integration of Backup Radar into ScalePad Lifecycle Manager to identify servers & workstations that exist in Lifecycle Manager that aren't being monitored in Backup Radar. The insight is checking to see if there is a configured backup monitoring policy. (A subscription to Backup Radar is required).

  • Personal insights

    • Personalized insights can be created that enable MSP owners or account managers to get a better understanding of the health of their clients or their entire MSP.

Personalized Insights

As your clients may have policies with slightly different standards than the existing predefined insights, Lifecycle Manager provides the ability to create personalized insights to let you track ALM policies that matter to you.

By creating personalized insights, you will not only be able to change the threshold and mix and match the pre-defined Lifecycle Manager policies, but you will be able to create new policies for installed software, hardware specifications, and warranty information to gain meaningful insight into all collected asset data.

Clicking a predefined or Personalized insight from the Strategy/Client Dashboard displays an asset list console which simplifies communicating the Insight details (through applied filters) and enables greater flexibility in broadening or narrowing your search.

Viewing Insights

Depending on what level of insights you want to view, there are two paths to access insights.

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