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How to configure time and date settings
How to configure time and date settings
Currency and date settings you can manage at the client level
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This article describes the process of configuring client currency and date settings for each of your managed clients. These settings are similar to account-level settings, but instead, they are client-specific. This means:

  • If you have clients in different regions of the world, you can customize their currency and date settings here

  • This data can result in more accurate opportunities and reports

Custom display format settings

  1. Turn on the toggle switch to enable custom format settings for this client.

  2. Display currency: Choose which currency will display on your reports for this client.

  3. Date: Select the date format you'd like for your reports for this client.

  4. Fiscal year: Select the start date of the client's fiscal year. The Roadmap is aligned with the client's fiscal year as a result of this selection.

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