The Client console is where we identify the clients that you manage. From the Client console, you see potential hardware replacement opportunities, their hardware and software status, as well as 30-day DMI trends.

Software assets within a specific Client

Clicking into a single client will show you the following software asset data for them:

  • Product name

  • Publisher

  • Category

  • Installation status (Installed / Not installed)

  • Software status

  1. Click Clients in your left-hand navigation bar to display the Clients console

  2. Click on the desired client in the Client column

  3. From the Client dashboard, click the Software tab

In this example, we've clicked into the Garden Mix client from the previous screenshot. You can download individual PDF reports as listed, view the information in an asset list view, or download a cumulative Software Summary Report.

Download your Software Summary Report

Similar to our Hardware Lifecycle Report, you have a client-specific Software Summary Report available for you to download as a PDF. To download, click Software Summary Report in the top-right corner of the page.

Available software asset reports

Clicking on the Report button of each of the primary software asset tiles downloads the relevant report. Additional reports are accessed by clicking the report download icon in the Software status column. Primary software asset reports are:

  • OS Report

  • Office suite

  • Endpoint protection

  • RMM

Each software report indicates Supported, Unsupported Soon, and Unsupported versions of the software on all assets in the report. The reports also identify which assets do not have the software installed.

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