Even though you should consider your DMI when determining critical asset performance issues and risks of your clients, it is just one piece of information among many that you should consider.

Poor DMI

If you are looking at a lower DMI, focus your attention on high-risk Insights and a client's critical problems to mitigate risk. Characteristics of a low DMI include:

  • Old, unprotected assets

  • High service overhead

  • Frustrating employee experience

  • High-security risk with a high risk of downtime

Fair to Good DMI

If you are looking at an average DMI from the Client Dashboard, you can work with clients on establishing standards and then prioritize and implement initiatives that will bring them up to meet those standards. Characteristics of a fair to good DMI include:

  • Modern, protected assets

  • Good environment performance and low service overhead

  • Great employee experience

  • Low-security risk with low risk of downtime

Very Good to Excellent DMI

If you are looking at a high DMI from the Client Dashboard, you have probably made significant progress on high-risk insights such as protecting servers and addressing end-of-life OSes. Continue working on initiatives for any remaining insights, and have conversations with the client about enabling their strategy and planning for future growth.

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