Digital Maturity Index (DMI)
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The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is a tool designed to help assess and identify areas for improvement. It should create a common language and shared accountability between you and your clients to facilitate data-driven discussions on how to improve their technology outlook.

The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) delivers a clear and concise evaluation for your clients, making it easier for them to understand IT infrastructure assessments. By providing a score of their technology outlook, DMI also facilitates client support for investing in their IT environment, helping them prioritize initiatives and drive transformation.

What are the benefits of DMI?

  • Identify clients with risk in seconds

  • Provides rapid assessments of technology and areas of opportunity

  • Compare clients' relative scores to identify clients that require attention

  • Get client buy-in for investing in their environment

  • Global MSP scores to help identify areas of internal focus

This information is helpful in identifying potential problems and improving the overall IT experience for your clients.

What can I do with this information?

The DMI shows which clients may be facing a suboptimal IT experience. Some clients may be approaching a state where their infrastructure is at risk of failure, and ‌they may require a comprehensive infrastructure overhaul. Meanwhile, other clients may only require minor adjustments or attention to maintain their infrastructure's optimal performance.

  • A DMI is designed to provide easy-to-understand assessments for clients

  • A DMI is only one of several pieces of information used to help identify and take action against critical asset performance issues and risks

  • Objective benchmark of your clients’ environments

  • It's like a credit score for tech (300 - 850)

  • A shared accountability framework for your clients’ environments

Hidden assets, Insights, and DMI

Insights and DMI should reflect a realistic assessment of your client's environment, so hidden assets count towards any applicable insights and your DMI score.

DMI is focused on delivering a dynamic and unbiased score that enables you to benchmark your clients using key productivity and risk factors. A DMI provides an objective assessment of clients against industry standards and instantly identifies risk areas.

When is DMI calculated?

After each sync, all DMIs are updated within minutes.

The DMI scale has a range spanning from 300 to 850, with DMI scores being categorized into five distinct bands.

Where can I find DMI in ScalePad Lifecycle Manager?

A Digital Maturity Index is in three areas on the Lifecycle Manager platform:

  • Strategy dashboard

  • Client console

  • Client dashboard

Viewing critical issues with Insights

See What are Insights? for additional information so you can focus on the next step in addressing critical issues and risk mitigation.

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