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What is Lifecycle Manager Strategy?
What is Lifecycle Manager Strategy?
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The methodology behind Strategy is a solution where you are able to identify and take action, through analysis of existing data and surfacing of insight-driven actions, against critical asset performance issues and risks.

In order to have shared accountability between MSPs and clients, a common language must be used to get clients to understand and approve technology upgrades and risk reduction initiatives. Lifecycle Manager includes a feature set that requires minimum preparation time or meetings for you to take action against critical asset performance.

Through a combination of multiple features, our goal is to empower you by providing you with the means to identify and respond to critical asset issues.

Using Lifecycle Manager, there's been no way to measure or communicate the difference between great and average clients, let alone transform a poor client into a great one.

The Strategy includes the following set of features: Digital Maturity Index (DMI), Insights, and Initiatives. These features assign a client's technology environment a health score, surfaces critical insights, and provide a framework for immediate action. Together, these features are used to improve the client experience with the ultimate goal of getting clients to approve tech upgrades and risk mitigation initiatives.

What is a Digital Maturity Index (DMI)?

  • The DMI is a proprietary best-practices-driven benchmarking engine that marks the digital health of not only your own organization but your clients as well.

What are Insights?

  • Insights identify asset risks for you. With automatic data acquisition, analysis, and presentation, Insights automatically surfaces critical performance issues & risks on a continuous basis.

What are Initiatives?

  • Initiatives enable you to take instant action against critical asset performance issues & risks.

The Strategy process flow

A process flow outlined in the following steps should assist you in identifying and taking action against critical asset issues and risks.

Step 1: The Strategy Dashboard provides insight into all clients and marks your own digital health. (Accessible from the Strategy menu)

Step 2: Insight panes divide vital information into several categories.

Step 3: Identify and view client-specific insights to be actioned on.

Step 4: Quickly convert automated insights into client-ready proposals.

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